About Us

Exceptional Quality, Performance and Service

B Resource stands for “business resource,” a reflection of our core mission: to be a comprehensive IT resource for each of our clients. Founded in 2001, we serve the greater Houston area, and our headquarters are located in The Woodlands, Texas.

B Resource serves both startup and established companies with particular attention given to the security needs of companies operating within the financial industry. Each of our services is conducted in-house and we backup all information to B Resource servers.

In 2005, B Resource was named the 8th largest small business seller for one of the world’s largest computer manufacturers, and in 2008, we became a Certified Dell Partner specializing in Enterprise Architecture. We believe our growth is a direct effect from our standards of performance excellence, value and trust we bring to every business relationship.

Here’s why so many businesses depend on B Resource for IT service and support:

  • Our Certified Microsoft Partner status – reserved for companies that demonstrate excellence in implementing Microsoft technologies
  • An entire team of experts at your service – dependable consultants and engineers that work as your partners in IT and success
  • Round-the-clock technical support – IT help when you need it most

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